When Will Vacation Be Over?

Summer vacation. Most of our friends are so excited. But  for me and my siblings, summer vacation has been a nightmare. We knew what kind of a ‘vacation’ we could expect. A simple trip to the park would be as likely as a trip to the moon. And as complicated to organize, too.  The only attention our mother was able to give us always began with the words, “Could you please…” Sleeping late? Relaxing on the couch with a book? A casual game with friends? These are the simple pleasures that our friends would take for granted. In addition, their parents may even take the family on a trip to the zoo or amusement park. For us, the best part of summer vacation was its being finally over. And it seemed to take so long to get to that point. You see, our brother Avi is Special. He really is special. We all love him very much. We care about how he is doing and we all try so hard to help Mommy with taking care of him. But during vacation, when Avi has no schedule, our house is upside down. Always. From early in the morning till we go to bed at night. And then the next day again. We know that having Avi as our brother is our G-d-given test . But it’s so hard.

In recent years, Ezer Mizion has saved the sanity of our family with their day camp for special children. Not only are we able to have a more normal vacation but Avi has been so happy. The counselors are wonderful. They make him feel great with every step he takes. And the activities…my little sister once said she wishes she could go to his day camp.

This year Avi was invited to attend Ezer Mizion’s sleepaway camp. We were all nervous. Would Avi be happy living away from home? Our parents trusted Ezer Mizion and made the difficult decision to send him. From the first night, we knew it was the right thing to do. We heard his excited voice as he spoke to each one of us in turn, telling over each moment of his wonderful day. He was showered with love and encouragement.

And, because you, the wonderful staff at Ezer Mizion, cared, we also got to vacation a bit, and to enjoy some attention from our mother, who is always fully occupied with her concern for our brother and his health. Now, she was able to be available for us and to make up for what we feel we miss all through the year. Thanks to you, Ezer Mizion, we too had a chance to have a change of pace, to leave the house without the usual burden of stress.

Therefore, we want to thank all of the counselors who volunteer their time during their own precious summer vacation to do what we know is a  very hard job and do to it with so much love…just so families like ours can breathe a bit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Avi’s brothers and sisters


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