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Ezer Mizion One of Three Nominees

November 23, 2016

Four years ago, Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Registry had reached the pinnacle by meeting the very stringent criteria of WMDA (World Marrow Donor Association). Of the one hundred members of the international entity, BMDW, only 20 had been accredited by WMDA. It was Ezer Mizion’s high level of standards had catapulted the organization to membership in the prestigious World Marrow Donor Association.

Now, only four years later, Ezer Mizion is one of the three nominees for WMDA’s World Marrow Donor Day Award. The winner is to be announced in the spring.

The WMDA event is geared to raise awareness among the world population of the need to take responsibility for a bone marrow registry in order to save lives. Ezer Mizion, together with its compassionate, giving Jewish population, exemplifies the concept of this responsibility.

Drives are held frequently in Israel to increase specific ethnic groups in its database so that when a member of that group will be in need of a transplant to save his life, the DNA match will be readily available for him, avoiding needless loss of life.

Another facet of Ezer Mizion’s pursuit of its goals is the agreement with the IDF in 2005. The IDF created an additional station to its recruiting centers enabling soldiers to join the registry as part of their induction. These young, healthy potential donors of varied ethnicity have greatly added to the Registry. Fifty thousand new recruits joined in this past year alone. Search requests received from 36 countries worldwide now have a much higher rate of positive response.

The IDF’s contribution to the Registry was celebrated in October in the home of President Rivlin who eloquently spoke of the mutual responsibility to the global Jewish community felt by the Jewish population which has allowed the Registry to rise to its present level.

The incredible growth of the Registry has only been able to take place because of the generosity of Jews throughout the world who have sponsored the astronomical cost of DNA testing. Their gifts have funded the costly genetic testing of each new, potential donor, thus enabling the Registry to grow to a total of over 800,000 on its database.

Through the media, the greater Jewish public has become aware of grateful cancer patients worldwide whose lives have been saved by Ezer Mizion. A young father of two tiny girls who had been terrified of leaving his daughters to grow up as orphans, a teen who is now studying to be a doctor so that he can help others, a social worker who suddenly found herself on the other side of the desk, a chubby five-year-old who is adorable even when he is throwing a tantrum… these are some of the many who will now have a future because of generous donors who have rallied to the cause, realizing that Ezer Mizion’s Registry acts as an insurance policy for Jews everywhere.

The recent nomination for WMDA’s upcoming World Marrow Donor Day Award is gratifying and shows the acknowledgement of Ezer Mizion’s exacting standards and inordinate accomplishments by this worldwide respected entity.

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January 18, 2012

Long since a member of Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide, Ezer Mizion has recently received the prestigious accreditation of World Marrow Donor Association. Of over one hundred Registry members in BMDW, only twenty are WMDA accredited. Ezer Mizion is proud that the high-level standards of its International Bone Marrow Registry have enabled it to meet the stringent criteria of World Marrow Donor Association.

World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) fosters international collaboration between registries, enabling successful transplants to take place around the globe. WMDA’s high standards for accreditation aim at quality assurance for Registries worldwide which aids the patient’s transplant team in their international search for an unrelated donor.
Accreditation by World Marrow Donor Association attests that certified Registries are committed to following WMDA’s superior standards. These regulations enhance the quality of the procedures necessary to obtain stem cells. The ultimate goal is to obtain the appropriate quality and quantity of blood-produced stem cells needed for transplant, from the most suitable unrelated donor, in the shortest possible time, while protecting the anonymity, health and well being of the volunteer donor.

Founded in 1998, Ezer Mizion’s International Jewish Bone Marrow Registry has grown to be the 4th largest registry worldwide and the largest Jewish registry around the globe. For many cancer patients in Jewish communities everywhere, whose sole chance of survival had been a bone marrow transplant, the registry was the answer to their prayers. A genetic match is essential for a successful transplant and in the multi-ethnic Ezer Mizion Registry, the perfect life-saving match was found.

For further info:

World’s Largest Jewish Registry Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide (Holland) Member

Fourth Largest Registry Internationally NMDP (National Marrow Donors Program, USA) Member

» 583,837 Potential Donors » 3,952 Complete Donor Patient Matches