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The Other End of the World?

July 12, 2017

people helping people around globe“But he’s at the other end of the world!”

“No problem,” said the experienced Ezer Mizion staff member. “Just watch.”

Here’s the story. A woman with cancer was in need of a bone marrow transplant to save her life. She needed it asap. Now! Not in a few months. Eldad had been identified by the Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Registry as a genetic match but further testing was needed. Simple. A few tubes of blood and the test will be done. But what if the potential donor is happily vacationing in Cancun, Mexico? Do we wait till he returns? And take a chance on the patient’s condition changing for the worse? Do we take a chance on another person’s life?!

The Registry staff member contacted another Ezer Mizion division, Linked to Life which operates a What’s App program around the globe. Lights flashed. Cell phones buzzed. A Linked to Life member responded that he is in Cancun and planning to travel for New York that day. The blood was drawn by a local lab and transported to NY by the L2L member. Now, Ronit , office manager for the CEO of El Al in New York and another Linked to Life volunteer, came on the scene. Ronit contacted Yoram, director of El Al representatives in the U.S. Yoram got the head of the station at Kennedy Airport, and security officer Tal involved in the operation. On Thursday, after receiving the test tubes from Mexico via the first L2L volunteer, El Al representatives in N.Y. traveled to Israel and handed over the precious test tubes to Ezer Mizion.

The other side of the world? No problem when good-hearted Jews around the globe are linked together.

Based in Israel, L2L receives hundreds of calls daily. Come join us at the dispatch center. A call just came in. A grandmother, accompanied by her daughter, needs ride to the clinic.  The volunteer that responded later contacted the Ezer Mizion office to say thank you “These are real mentschen. They didn’t stop apologizing for taking my time. They were so grateful. .The grandmother is past the age of 90. At the time of the Holocaust, she was 17 years old. She had been through Auschwitz, work camps and Bergen-Belsen. She told me about her mother and little sister who were murdered in Auschwitz. ‘When I close my eyes, I don’t ‘just remember’ things; I literally see them happening.’ This tiny lady didn’t give up. She went on to establish a family which now consists of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and continues to give and give. “I broke my arm recently and for a period, I couldn’t bake cakes for my grandchildren’s families. It made me sad but I’m back ‘in business’ now. As they opened the car door at the clinic amid a flurry of humble thank-you’s to me, I thanked Hashem for the zchus of having such a diamond in my car.


Another buzz at 1:30 AM. This one an emergency. A woman was unable to breathe and required immediate assistance. An ambulance had arrived and determined that hospital treatment was needed. But getting her there was impossible due to her wide girth. A large stretcher was needed. Ezer Mizion was contacted.  Does anyone in your Linked to Life Group have one? In moments I was wide awake and dressed. Together with the paramedics, we lifted the patient onto my stretcher and transported her to the hospital in time to receive the treatment she needed.

Alone? Never! No Jew is ever alone when his fellow Jews are Linked to Life.

Like to join? SMS: 011 972 52 580 8936

For further info:       5225 New Utrecht Ave Bk NY 11219                               718 853 8400


Hospital Rounds

April 19, 2017

helping handssI was trying. Friends and relatives were also helping. The situation was beyond hopeless and I was helpless to keep things together.   I had three children in three separate hospitals, located in various parts of the country. One was in a mental hospital, two in medical hospitals. Can you imagine the anguish, the sights I witnessed daily? The despair when I had to leave one to visit another. The tiny bewildered faces at the window at home watching Mommy leave…again. The exhaustion- both physical and emotional. The frustration when twenty-four hours were far from enough in each day. The astronomical expenses incurred on top of less money coming in.

A friend gave me a number to call. “Perhaps these people would be able to get you a ride once in awhile,” she suggested. I was skeptical. “Why would anyone outside of my immediate circle want to help?” I wondered. But I was desperate and thought I would give it a try. Even one ride would be something. Well, that number enabled me to enter a world I never realized existed. A world where complete strangers really cared and gave up their time and energy to help. It was the number to Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life, a What’s App program connecting people in Israel and even around the world.

A friendly, sensitive operator answered and said she would pass on the message. I thought that would be the end of it and was surprised to be contacted almost immediately. It was a short Friday and I needed to visit all three children. “Perhaps he could drive me to the first one,” I timidly asked. Well, Yossie drove me to the first one, came back to pick me up and drive me to the second, returned to drive me to the third where I would be staying for Shabbos, delivered a car-full of delicious Shabbos food to my home, food that my family had not seen in weeks, plus Shabbos food for me at the hospital. Yossie and his family continued to help. It was only later that I found out that he had made a bris for his grandson during that period and his help was certainly needed at home. Yet he and his family rallied to help me, a person they had just met.

More volunteers came after Shabbos- some to do homework with the kids, some to help with housework, some to take the kids out to buy much needed school supplies (with ice cream afterwards for a treat). The food continued to come daily, delivered by people who really understood. For rides, all I needed to do was dial the number and a driver would materialize at my doorstep, always a person whose caring could only be matched by that of the next one.

Ezer Mizion was my family’s savior. We never could have made it through that period without them.

Linked to Life…We’re all connected!

Ezer Mizion provides services to over 660,000 of Israel’s population annually in addition to its Bone Marrow Registry which saves the lives of Jewish cancer patients the world over.

For further info:              5225 New Utrecht Ave Bk NY 11219               718 853 8400





The Beeps Keep Coming

March 22, 2017

helping-handsWe all remember what Purim was like. That special electricity in the air as we rush from house to house sharing shalach monos and Purim joy. A gorilla dancing with a rabbit to a lively Shoshanos Yaakov right there on Avenue J. Nearby a miniature Mordechai is gleefully riding a pony while “Haman” leads it, shouting “Thus shall be done…”

But for some, especially those who are members of Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life Group, Purim had an added dimension this year with the special Purim joy multiplied a hundredfold. It was almost a beep a minute at Linked to Life and each request was answered, some within seconds. Come take a peek at what was behind each beep.

  • A little boy wants to be a fireman but his mother has cancer and has no strength to buy him a costume. Who can help?
  • We have 150 special kids who learned about shalach manos but won’t be receiving any? Can someone donate them?
  • A small boy with leukemia is dreaming of a special costume. No one can find it anywhere. Any volunteer to custom sew it for him?
  • There’s a patient at the oncology ward who is so depressed that she is missing Purim. We need lots of volunteers to bring shalach manos and smiles.
  • We’re on duty here at the firehouse all day. Can someone come to read the megillah for us?
  • There’s a large group of patients at Shaar Menashe Hospital with not a sign of Purim. Can anyone arrange a lebedike party? Who can provide food? Music? Costumed dancers?
  • A cancer patient has no family. I have a list of all her favorites but I’m out of town. Can someone put together a ‘personalized’ shalach monos?

Purim is over. The beeps are less frequent but still coming in.

  • To New York branch of Linked to Life:Baruch is a 5-year – old cancer patient who is arriving from Israel and landing in Newark at 6:00 PM. He is able to eat only cooked white rice and, what with all the paraphernalia needed for this medical trip, his parents forgot his container of white rice. Can someone meet them at Newark airport with a meal for this child who will have had nothing to eat for so many hours?
  • Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! Looking for a volunteer to bring a prosthetic hand from London to Israel today! The prosthesis can be brought to any location in London and picked up from any place in Israel…If you know of someone flying today from London to Israel, please call Zevulun ASAP

Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life…where no Jew is ever alone.

Like to join Linked to Life from any country around the world? SMS: 011 972 52 580 8936

For further info:              5225 New Utrecht Ave Bk NY 11219             718 853 8500

The Bat Mitzvah That Almost Wasn’t

March 2, 2017

pr-whats-app-bas-mitzvah-cakeIf you’re like most people, your mental wastebasket is filled with great ideas that didn’t happen. You meant to get to it. You really did. But ‘life’ got in the way. Things were busy that month and it fizzled and died. Maybe someone else could have done it but offhand you didn’t know anyone to ask. And so it joined the many other ideas waiting for ‘someday’.

But this one couldn’t wait. It had to be done now. A young girl was turning twelve. A big milestone, to say the least. A celebration was certainly in order. Each family has its own way of marking this special birthday but not to mark it at all?! To allow the day to pass with not a word? Nothing? That is exactly what will be happening to Malky Cohen*. Why? Because a heavy, dark cloud hung over the Cohen home that did not allow even a ray of sunshine to penetrate. Malky’s mother was terminally ill. Cancer. Rivky*, their next door neighbor, yearned to create a semblance of festivity for Malky, perhaps a cake, but her four pre-schoolers kept her busy every moment of the day. She spoke to another neighbor who loved the idea but whose baking skills didn’t get past chocolate chip cookies.

“We need someone who has the time and is a talented baker.”

“But how do we find such a person?”

“I have a great idea. How about Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life program?”

“I thought the program is for getting emergency rides for patients or delivering medication or medical equipment from here to there?”

“They do a lot of that, it’s true. But they do so much more. Like the time they helped out a man whose car was stuck or the story of the Purim costume.”

“What happened with the Purim costume?”

“That was really amazing. A 7-year-old Hadera boy with cancer especially wanted to be a tiger for Purim. He had very specific ideas. An Ezer Mizion volunteer was determined to get him the costume but couldn’t find what he wanted anywhere. She tried Linked to Life who sent the request to Netanya. Zilch. Then Tel Aviv. Nothing. Hundreds of people were involved but what he wanted could not be found. Another request went out and a volunteer responded that she would sew it. Beep! Beep! A volunteer was needed who lived in his area and could take measurements. A response came in within seconds. Ezer Mizion couldn’t cure the cancer but, through their Linked to Life program, they managed to make a little boy very, very happy.”

“That’s some story. I hope they are as successful with Malky’s cake.”

Several days later, the Cohen family gasped in shock when Rivky rang their bell. And via the tray bearing a magnificent Bas Mitzvah cake produced by Sara A., there entered into their home, for the first time in months, a package of smiles.

Linked to Life. We’re all connected. No one is ever alone.

Czechoslovakia? No problem…

February 22, 2017

helping-hands“I’m sorry. He won’t be back in the office until a week from Tuesday. Please call then.” A typical response. Professional. No complaints. We all understand that being out of the office means being unavailable for work-related matters and we don’t expect him to interrupt his golf game or his very important meeting in China to answer our questions. However, when it comes to saving a life, Ezer Mizion will not accept such a response. What happened? Here’s the story.

Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry has saved the lives of over 2000 patients around the globe. Recently, a call came in from Schneider’s Hospital that a six year old child needed a transplant as soon as possible.  Is there a genetic match available? A search was done. Success. Among the 800,000 registrants on the database, an excellent DNA match was found. The potential donor was contacted. She’ll be happy to donate but there’s one problem. The next level of testing must be done asap and she is currently in Brno in the Czech Republic. “Can I make an appointment with the lab for when I return in a few weeks?”  A natural response. Polite. Professional. The Ezer Mizion staff member could simply note on records: Donor out of country. Testing will be done when returns.  The file would then be closed pending her return. The patient? Perhaps his condition would still be such that he can benefit from the transplant. Perhaps not. Ezer Mizion was not going to take that chance.bmr tubes

Linked to Life, another division of Ezer Mizion that utilizes a What’s App program to make vital contacts worldwide, was called. Thousands of screens lit up while the test tubes were being prepared. ‘We need a volunteer to drive vital test tubes from Petach Tikva to the airport in Tel Aviv to meet someone going on the 3:50 flight to Vienna. In moments, a volunteer responded and the tubes were on their way. While he was driving, screens lit up again looking for someone scheduled to be on the flight to take the tubes. Bzzzz. Responding. Am at airport at Gate 123. I’ll take it.  Another Linked to Life volunteer was waiting at the Prague airport and drove the package to the Chabad House. The head of the Chabad House drove through the night to Brno and used his contacts to have the clinic opened in the middle of the night to draw blood from the potential donor. More clicks while the now-filled test tubes were making their way back to Brno. Anyone traveling from Prague to Israel on next flight? By the next morning, another Ezer Mizion Linked to Life volunteer was waiting in the airport at Tel Aviv to transport the tubes to the Bone Marrow Registry in Petach Tikvah. Less than twenty-four hours. Mission accomplished.

Living in the US and like to join Linked to Life? SMS: 011 972 52 580 8936

Do you live on #Whatsinitforme Road or #Howcanihelpout Avenue?

January 11, 2017

helping-handsDear Linked to Life Family,

I want to share with you a special experience I just had. I had a problem that needed the input of some people in power. I had tried political connections. I had applied pressure. I had clicked ‘send’ on email after email and made call after call and got… nowhere. It was an uphill battle with me on one side and everyone else seemingly an opponent. And it wasn’t even about myself. I was trying to obtain a benefit for an oncology patient, a small child from Beit Shemesh.

At long last, one of my emails was forwarded to Shuki L. who, in spite of his position, saw things from the same vantage point as I did. Of course, he did. Shuki is a fellow Linked to Life member.

From that point, we communicated directly, as one ‘Link’ to another and everything will be taken care of, b’ezrat Hashem.

For the hundredth time I discovered that Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life is not just giving rides. It’s a way of thinking, it’s a philosophy, it’s an attitude that’s says, “Let’s make this work for the fellow Jew who is suffering.”

Thanks Shuki, thanks Meir and Elchanan, thank you to everyone who stands at the head of the biggest army of chessed in the world. The Ezer Mizion Linked to Life family! We have tremendous power! May we merit doing only good things with it!

The writer is a member of Linked to Life, an Ezer Mizion What’s App group. Screens light up all day long enabling emergency rides for those dealing with life’s crises, vital forgotten medication to be brought where needed, sometimes across the ocean. It’s a system based on the simple concept that fellow Jews are often traveling from here to there but unaware that someone else has an emergency need to also travel or send something vital from the same ‘here’ to the same ‘there’. They would be happy to help but usually find out about it days later if at all. Or perhaps it is a connection or a source of information that is critically needed like in the above letter. While many are using What’s App for passing around jokes, Ezer Mizion has harnessed its power to create a WorldWide Web of chessed.

Ronit is another case in point. She is a very special human being who is suffering from cancer. And things do not look good. She has been under treatment using a highly expensive medication which no longer has an effect on her condition. While despair would be a normal human reaction, Ronit has discovered another pathway. Chessed. Through Linked to Life, the connection was made, all legalities were taken care of. The medication was cleared for allocation. Read all about it in her reply below. May she merit a speedy recovery in the merit of her selflessness.

Shalom Ezer Mizion!

Thank you for the update and for your kind wishes. I’m so happy that the medicines I sent were delivered and have arrived at their destination. I pray that the Creator should add to those medicines a complete and speedy recovery for the patients who receive them and for the entire Jewish people.

Thanks so much for your dedicated work. It is heartwarming and inspiring to know that there are amazing people like you who go to such lengths to help others. May you be blessed!

I also wanted to share with you the story behind these medicines. Unfortunately, these medicines no longer have an effect on me. The oncology doctor who is overseeing my care told us about a new treatment that has been proven to save lives and do wonders for the patients who receive it. It has been approved in the U.S. but is not covered by insurance.

The cost of treatment is $100,000, a staggering amount that unfortunately, we are unable to come up with at this time. I could have sold the medicines I have in my possession and begin collecting the amount I need for the new treatment. But I decided not to do that, and instead, to lovingly offer my remaining medicine to others who need it, so that G-d willing, they will recover.

I am hoping and praying that Hashem in His kindness will find the right way to help me, whether it is through this new treatment or by any other way He sees fit to cure me and endow me with a life of joy, growth, blessing, and giving.

I have a great deal of gratitude towards the Creator for the many kindnesses he has done and continues to do for me, and also towards the wonderful people like the Ezer Mizion staff and volunteers He sends into our lives at this trying period.

With all my blessings,

Thank you,


Living in the US and want to join Linked to Life? SMS: 011 972 52 580 8936

Ever Wonder Why What’s App Was Invented?

January 4, 2017

cell-phoneIt’s erev Shabbos on a winter Friday. They thought they were already frantically busy but then a call came in on What’s App. The remainder of their personal lists fell by the wayside with nary a thought. It’s an emergency and they are ‘volunteer soldiers’ in the ‘Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life army’ (the real reason why What’s App was invented). It may be a Shabbos meal to prepare, together with other volunteers, for a family whose mother was suddenly hospitalized. Perhaps it’s medication available only at his neighborhood pharmacy that must be delivered before Shabbos to an ill child in a more remote area or maybe it’s a desperate   search for a missing Alzheimer’s patient. Within moments there are enough volunteers. Each mission is accomplished. Each person is cared for. Each volunteer glows with satisfaction. And they know they are appreciated. As the candles are set up moments before candle lighting, a message from the Ezer Mizion coordinator is received on What’s App: One who makes a great effort for another person and bears difficulties for his sake, is considered “literally an angel.”shabbos

…And you, who respond to Linked to Life requests with such joy and readiness, even on these short Fridays … you are truly “angels.”

Have a tranquil and joyous Shabbos!

l2l-bar-mitzvah-7The job is never done. Unfortunately, requests continue to pour in. Over Chanukah, it was two Bar Mitzvahs. The first was for the son of a cancer patient who was recently niftar. The very security of the boy’s home was shaken. No longer would father and son daven side by side. No longer would he see the sheen of pride in his father’s eyes as they reviewed the week’s learning on Shabbos. The very pillar of his life had shattered but ‘thirteen’ was fast approaching. Was he also to miss out on what every boy looks forward to for years? His mother did not have the emotional energy to plan a major event. He understood that. But did that mean that the day would be just a day like every other? He swallowed hard. He had accepted his father’s death. He’d grown up fast, this young man. He would accept this, too. He would. But Ezer Mizion would not. It’s Linked to Life Division got to work. A venue. Invitations. Food-only the nicest would do. And suddenly there it was. The Bar Mitzvah he was sure would never be.l2l-bar-mitzvah-10

That same week of Chanukah, a second Bar Mitzvah was born. This one was in answer to the timid, whispered request of the Bar Mitzvah boy whose medical condition was not very good. Cancer. As desperate as he was for what every boy dreams of, he felt hesitant to ask, what with everything else that Ezer Mizion was already doing for him. The faint whisper- no louder than the movement of a butterfly’s wings- reverberated throughout the Linked to Life membership producing a resplendent affair which brought a grin to the face that hadn’t smiled in weeks. Was he surprised? Lets listen in on a conversation between the mother and a Linked to Life volunteer:

My son asked me: “Maybe we should ask the people from Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life to daven for me to get better?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Very simple…”, he replied, “Because everything we ask of them ­­- comes true… So let’s ask them for this too, and maybe it will also come true and I will get better…”


The volunteer adds:

Dear friends!

I don’t know about you, but I’m writing this with tears in my eyes…

How many merits this sick child has given us …!


Let’s pray today at candle lighting for the well being of the child

Chai Yehuda ben Rachel

B’soch she’ar cholei Yisrael.

For further info: 5225 New Utrecht Ave Bk NY 11219 718 853 8400

Tuning in to Ezer Mizion’s What’s App Screen

December 14, 2016

globeBeep! Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

Sorry about the late hour!

Looking for a volunteer to deliver an envelope with an oncology patient’s lab samples from Israel to Milan, Italy, tomorrow morning!!

This is a real case of life and death!

We will bring the envelope to any point in Israel to the traveler. It will be picked up from any place in Milan.


Beep. Boruch Hashem. Thank you to staff and the five volunteers who linked together forming a human chain. Envelope delivered safely to Milan. Mission accomplished.


Beep. To fellow members of Ezer Mizion’s “Linked to Life” What’s App group, Bnei Brak:

Today I was privileged to take a mother and her daughter, an oncology patient, from Tel Hashomer medical center to Bnei Brak.

car-driving-man-city-46591018The mother sat in the back seat, her daughter in her arms, pale and absolutely exhausted.

I quote:

“We go for treatments almost every day.

So far, you’ve taken us more than 70 times!!!

I cannot begin to tell you what a huge chessed you are doing.

Taking Abba. Bringing home Imma.

Driving a volunteer to relieve us at our little girl’s bedside.

These are not simply messages rippling through What’s App.

For us, it’s lifesaving!

We would never be able to deal with the illness without your assistance and support!”

And then came the sentence that really broke me:

“There’s another girl on the ward from Bnei Brak who was sick a few years ago, and now, the disease came back, after she had recovered completely. The mother says all the time: Even though the second time around is supposed to be harder ­– thanks to ‘Linked to Life,’ it’s a lot easier for us than last time!”

I try to keep driving, but suddenly I feel a tear rolling down my cheek.

How blessed are we all – members of Ezer Mizion’s ‘Linked to Life’ groups.


Click. Click. Beep. Beep. Twenty four hours. Around the globe. Jews helping other Jews via Ezer Mizion.


Beep.Beep.Vacation time. Family having a good time at Benei Re’em until one child stricken with asthma attack. Needs Tenzol to restore and regulate breathing. One Linked to Life member has access to child’s prescription. Another picks up med from first on his way to Benei Re’em… Child breathing normally. Family breathing normally. Back to vacation mode and looking forward to milking the cows at illustrious Benei Re’em.

cell-phoneBeep. I’m the daughter of that cancer patient for whom transport was just requested. Of course, I want to be there for my mother but I am the mother of six children and I work full time. My mother has been ill for almost two years now. The diagnosis was discovered the day after my baby’s bris.

After a year of exhausting trips and draining night shifts, I was privileged to become familiar with you, Linked to Life,

Until you came on the scene, my mother felt so uncomfortable already “imposing” on me, that once she “escaped” early in the morning, traveling in two stuffy buses, all the while with an immunological contraption on her face!!

On her last trip, she became infected and was hospitalized. This morning, she was released, and she didn’t let me know until almost the last minute. She knew one of my kids was sick at home and didn’t want me to feel any pressure. I panicked. I pictured her alone. Then I remembered Linked to Life. Is a Jew ever alone? Chezky at Linked to Life arranged for a pleasant, sensitive young woman to deliver her directly to her door. May he and all of the What’s App group be blessed!

Sorry this is so long, but I’m so grateful for all your care that I couldn’t restrain myself…



Are you living in US and like to join our what’s app program? SMS: 011 972 52 580 8936

Ezer Mizion provides services to over 660,000 of Israel’s population annually in addition to its Bone Marrow Registry which saves the lives of Jewish cancer patients the world over.


For further info:    718 853 8400                          5225 New Utrecht Ave Bk NY 11219






Relay Race a’ la What’s App

October 5, 2016

You could feel his desperation over cyberspace. Avi* posts in facebook hoping that somehow someone, the right person, would pick up his post. It was a longshot and he knew it but he couldn’t give up. He just couldn’t. He writes that he is a 4th time corneal transplant recipient. “I need your urgent help! I am currently in California. On my flight on the way here from Israel, my two eye medications to prevent rejection of the implant leaked. I brought an extra set with me, but the drops are almost running out. My sister purchased the medications for me in Israel but is having trouble getting them to me. Do you have a connection with anyone coming from Israel to Los Angeles or San Diego in the next three days? I can’t get this medication here. Please help me!”

Everyone who viewed the posting felt bad for Avi but what can they do? It may be a small world but not that small. From Israel to California??? Within the next couple of days?! One viewer had an idea. He vaguely remembered an organization in Israel called Ezer Mizion that had set up a What’s App group called Linked to Life. Maybe. Can’t hurt to try. With 6.500 volunteers all over the world, things started buzzing.

This urgent request was forwarded to Elchanan, at the Linked to Life Calling Center. First step was to confirm that the medication has all the necessary transit approvals. With the ok in hand, it was all systems go. Messages appeared on hundreds of screens. Like a relay race, the medication was picked up from the sister’s home and eventually brought to someone who was flying out to NY that day. Now how to get it from NY to California? More screens buzzed on the US side. It wasn’t long before a response came in from someone who was flying from NY to LA that night. Mission accomplished in less than 24 hours!!!

Still reeling from the speed at which his request was filled, Avi responded:

A few minutes ago, I came back from a house in Los Angeles, where I picked up the medications that arrived for me from Israel.

I had posted the request and some of you passed it on until it reached Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life network. As a result, I arrived at this moving moment where I have in my hand the medicine that is so important to me.

So, a great big thanks to Elchanan Levine, head of Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life Calling Center, who put the volunteers into action.

Thank you to Gilad who suggested that I contact Linked to Life. You’re a terrific friend!

Thanks to my beloved sister Yael, who got a hold of the prescription and purchased the medications.

Thank you to all the friends who passed on the post and to those who tried to help by responding to the post and otherwise. You warmed my heart!

When I get back to Israel, I am planning to become a volunteer for Linked to Life, and pass on this kindness further!


The beauty of the idea behind Linked to Life is that people are going anyways. With a tiny bit of effort, they can help out another Jew. But it doesn’t always work that way.

Listen to this story from Moishe Hillel, dispatcher in Jerusalem: this morning a request came in to pick up a disabled boy’s crutches from Jerusalem, take it to Tel Aviv for repair and pick it up at four, bringing it back in time for him to walk to his learning program tonight. Easy. I had the two volunteers within minutes. Both felt good that they could help him out. His crutches are full-body. Without them he cannot walk at all. At three o’clock, another call came in to pick up some urgent medical tests from a hospital in Tel Aviv and bring them to Jerusalem. Simple, I thought. The volunteer slated to take the crutches would take both items. Not so simple. He texted me that he wouldn’t have enough time to pick up both items. Perhaps I could have someone else pick up the tests and meet him further down the highway. Minutes were ticking by. It was getting close to four. What do you do when you you’re stuck with something that has to be picked up in Tel Aviv? You call Naftali Rubinstein, of course. A great guy and a Linked to Life member. It wasn’t long before he buzzed me: it’s all set. I have a volunteer to pick up the tests from the hospital. He’ll bring them to Jerusalem. I found that pretty amazing- that Naftali was able to find someone so fast who was going just then to Jerusalem. I was wrong. I thought I knew Naftali but I guess I didn’t know him well enough. He had made a few tries. Saw it wasn’t going. Dropped what he was doing and ran. Himself. Two hours each way. In the heat. We’re very fortunate that these are our colleagues in Linked to Life.

Do you live in the US and would like to join Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life? SMS: 011 972 52 580 8936

For further info: 718 853 8400     5225 New Utrecht Ave Bk NY 11219



Crossing the Ocean to Save A Finger

September 21, 2016

cell-phoneA sweet little boy in Ramat Hagolan at play. Fun. Laughter. Shouts of childish joy. Then… an unearthly scream! Ambulance! Siren! A race to the ER with a finger severed from his little hand.

Staff got to work immediately while his parents paced outside in the waiting room, praying that their son would not have to grow up handicapped.

The men in green emerged from the OR with tentative smiles. The emergency surgery was completed successfully but a device was still needed to finish the job. And the device? It was not available in Israel. The finger couldn’t wait for it to be to be ordered through regular channels. Would he always have a remembrance of his accident? Would a disabled hand color the rest of his life?

Suggestions were made. Suggestions were rejected. Until a staff member mentioned Ezer Mizion. “They’re involved in so many areas. Maybe they’ll have an idea.”

He was right. Amid the many divisions for special children, the elderly, the mentally challenged, the disabled and the cancer patient was a division called Linked to Life, a What’s App program. The query appeared on countless screens and, in moments, an answer was received by a volunteer in New York: My friend is going to Israel now. He can take it. The precious device crossed the ocean and landed in Israel. Now how to get it to the doctors in Ramat Hagolan? The Linked to Life screens buzzed again and Yossie Kleich of Bnei Brak responded: I’m going to Herziliya. And so the device continued on its route via Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life train. Like the children’s game of ‘Pass the Ball Around’, Yossie gave it to Meir Wallis who was on his way a bit further north who passed it to Yehuda Adler who just’ happened’ to be going even further, who passed it to Pinchas Sterling who had an appointment a bit north who passed it to Yokne’am who, miracle of miracles, was on his way to Ramot Hagolan. And so the little device was removed from the Linked to Life chessed train and delivered to the ecstatic surgical staff. Mission accomplished. The child will regain full use of his hand.

That’s the way it is when we are Linked to Life…

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