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When Life Explodes and Catapults You into the World of Hospitals

December 13, 2017

pr hospitalLife proceeds normally. Tuesday is similar to Monday and Wednesday follows in its wake. Then suddenly, without any warning, life explodes. A fifteen-year-old is crossing the street, something he has been doing since he was a youngster under the watchful eyes of his nervous mother. Now at fifteen, his mother no longer worried about his crossing. She knew he was careful and responsible. What she didn’t know about was the van that came hurtling down the street, against the light, hitting her son with full force causing his head to strike the asphalt until he lost consciousness. And life was no longer normal. The tiny hospital room becomes your world. Nothing else matters.

The worries were endless. Would he survive? Would he be permanently brain injured? Clutching a t’hillim (Psalm book) and begging Hashem(G-d) to have mercy, his parents didn’t leave his side.  One left. The other arrived. Day after endless day. Nothing else was real. Only teh beeping monitors at their son’s hospital bedside.  The eight children at home were hardly on their radar screen.  The parents were barely aware that Shimmy* had a test scheduled next week and needed help studying, that Mimi* was having a hard time taking Mommy’s place and her terrified younger siblings were acting wild and not listening to her. Her parents hardly knew but Ezer Mizion did. Volunteers were dispatched from many rosters- some to provide hot, nourishing meals for the parents at the hospital, some to provide those same meals for the rest of the family at home, some to handle those hectic evening hours, some to do homework with the kids. The parents did not own a car. Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life  division was contacted regarding rides to and from the hospital for them.

Ride to hospital needed for cancer patient. Who is available?

Who is Linked to Life? Just people. People like you and me. Mostly middle-class working people who have joined this famed WhatsApp group. Their phone beeps and they quickly check the request. Can they fit it into their day? In most cases, someone responds. It may be driving a patient or a family member to the hospital. Or delivering vital medical equipment or medication. Or perhaps providing something to lift the spirits of a family undergoing a crisis. Over 3,000 such trips are made every month. Each group, divided by areas, becomes a family. Lets take a peek at an pre-Shabbat posting:

  • A special thanks goes to our dedicated directors for navigating assignments right through summer vacation… It certainly is not something to be taken for granted!
  • A heartfelt mazel-tov to group member Dovi Baladi on the birth of his first grandson, and to Mrs. Shosh Shiloh on the birth of a granddaughter. Wishing everyone only nachas and simchost across the board, from our loving hearts (Hey ­– any chance of a shidduch?:)
  • This week, a huge fleet of buses and ambulances drove the humongous day camp for kids with special needs (a total of 900 people!) ­­. A giant thank-you to group members, directors Malkiel Beriga and Moshe Traube, who didn’t stop working for a minute…
  • Welcome to Daniel Malka, director of the group in Maalot in the North, and best wishes for much, much success.
  • Around the world: Special thanks to Menachem Bromer, our man in Strassbourg, France, for his quick and dedicated assistance to an Israeli tourist who fell in Nice.
  • A giant thank you to Shlomo Miller, Los Angeles, for coming forward wholeheartedly to help a disabled cancer patient who came on a visit from Israel. Notice the speed at which medical documents were transferred from Israel to the Ukraine.
  • Words cannot express our thanks to Yisrael Spritzer, director of the Jersualem branch, and to the entire Jerusalem staff, for dealing last week with getting a disk to Ben Gurion airport, in an impossible race against time. It couldn’t have happened without you!!!
  • How do you organize Shabbos for 10 people in 10 minutes? Only in Rechasim do they know the answer.
  • Good Shabbos to all!


It’s over now. The teenage boy, Baruch Hashem (thank G-d), has recovered with no long-term effects of the accident. No more rides to and from the hospital are needed. It is only now, when the terror has receded, that the parents are able to appreciate the fact that punching in a few buttons brought them a ride each time it was needed with strangers becoming like family and opening their hearts to another’s needs. Things are back to normal but the parents are amazed at how their home had functioned so well in their absence. With its vast range of divisions, Ezer Mizion made it all happen!

Live in US, Canada, SA, Europe…anywhere in the globe and like to join Linked to Life? SMS 011 972 52 580 8936.


Hospital Rounds

April 19, 2017

helping handssI was trying. Friends and relatives were also helping. The situation was beyond hopeless and I was helpless to keep things together.   I had three children in three separate hospitals, located in various parts of the country. One was in a mental hospital, two in medical hospitals. Can you imagine the anguish, the sights I witnessed daily? The despair when I had to leave one to visit another. The tiny bewildered faces at the window at home watching Mommy leave…again. The exhaustion- both physical and emotional. The frustration when twenty-four hours were far from enough in each day. The astronomical expenses incurred on top of less money coming in.

A friend gave me a number to call. “Perhaps these people would be able to get you a ride once in awhile,” she suggested. I was skeptical. “Why would anyone outside of my immediate circle want to help?” I wondered. But I was desperate and thought I would give it a try. Even one ride would be something. Well, that number enabled me to enter a world I never realized existed. A world where complete strangers really cared and gave up their time and energy to help. It was the number to Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life, a What’s App program connecting people in Israel and even around the world.

A friendly, sensitive operator answered and said she would pass on the message. I thought that would be the end of it and was surprised to be contacted almost immediately. It was a short Friday and I needed to visit all three children. “Perhaps he could drive me to the first one,” I timidly asked. Well, Yossie drove me to the first one, came back to pick me up and drive me to the second, returned to drive me to the third where I would be staying for Shabbos, delivered a car-full of delicious Shabbos food to my home, food that my family had not seen in weeks, plus Shabbos food for me at the hospital. Yossie and his family continued to help. It was only later that I found out that he had made a bris for his grandson during that period and his help was certainly needed at home. Yet he and his family rallied to help me, a person they had just met.

More volunteers came after Shabbos- some to do homework with the kids, some to help with housework, some to take the kids out to buy much needed school supplies (with ice cream afterwards for a treat). The food continued to come daily, delivered by people who really understood. For rides, all I needed to do was dial the number and a driver would materialize at my doorstep, always a person whose caring could only be matched by that of the next one.

Ezer Mizion was my family’s savior. We never could have made it through that period without them.

Linked to Life…We’re all connected!

Ezer Mizion provides services to over 660,000 of Israel’s population annually in addition to its Bone Marrow Registry which saves the lives of Jewish cancer patients the world over.

For further info:              5225 New Utrecht Ave Bk NY 11219               718 853 8400