Playing for Success


In keeping with its motto of Their Challenges…Our Mission, Ezer Mizion’s Children’s Division has implemented many projects for the developmentally delayed.   Ezer Mizion’s ‘Active Nurturing Playground’ project was put into operation several years ago in pre-schools and has been extremely successful in identifying developmental delays during playtime by means of  educated observance by teachers who had been trained by the program.  The program also guided pre-school teachers in utilizing routine playground activities to help bring children up to par in the areas in which they were delayed.

The success of the project resulted in the Fresh Start National Program for Children at Risk and the Bnei Brak Municipality  joining with Ezer Mizion to introduce the program to day care centers so that the 0-3 age group may benefit. A pilot program is currently underway.

In this pilot project the Active Nurturing Playground project teaches developmental milestones to the caregivers and trains them in the importance and effects of senso-motor stimulation for very young children. In so doing, the program empowers the caregiver to identify toddlers and babies who are experiencing developmental delays and challenges in the areas of speech, language, communication and emotional/social development.

In addition, the caregiver is trained to use simple, standard activities as tools to achieve maximum growth in these areas.

Says Ms. Simone Wolfson, Project Director: “By doing so, we believe we will create the prime infrastructure for the very youngest of children so that they can grow and develop optimally.

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