Condensed from an article in:
Hashikma Beer Yaakov
By: Doris Kronhaus
A Child’s Smile

Karaoke. The latest in entertainment. An audience of amateurs is given a mike and, by means of video and a PA system, they sing along, creating what feels to be a professional performance. It’s fun. It’s exhilarating. And it’s very popular.
That’s where 30-year-old Ziv Altman comes into the picture.
Twelve years ago, Ziv founded a company called “Z Productions,” providing entertainment services and performances for events. He specializes in interactive Karaoke programs for children’s birthday parties. Six months ago, he was awarded the title of “Best Karaoke leader for children and youth” in the country. Recently, Altman produced a high-standard musical Karaoke stage presentation for children ages four and up, employing the top scriptwriters, scenery and props people, and costume designers.
Ziv is undoubtedly a success. But it is not his commercial success that gets him jumping out of his bed every morning. It’s his volunteer days. The ones that enlarge his checking account not one iota. Ziv is one of Ezer Mizion’s very popular volunteers.
“One of my deepest sources of satisfaction is to see a smile light up the face of a child who can’t always ‘join the party’ because of medical reasons.
“That’s why I linked up with the Cancer Division of Ezer Mizion about ten years ago. Since then, on a regular basis, I run birthday parties for children with cancer at the Oranit Guest House alongside Schneider’s Children’s Hospital, at no charge, of course. If I can get them and their families to forget for awhile the suffering and pain that colors their every day, I feel like a millionaire! No box office success can compare to the rare prize of drawing a hearty laugh from these long-suffering kids.”
‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is not just a phrase. It’s true. It has been medically proven that a happy spirit is the best partner for the body in fighting disease. And so it is Ezer Mizion’s policy that the child who receives chemo in the morning is ‘injected’ with giggles in the afternoon, giving him the best chance to win in his battle for Life.

for further info: http://www.ezermizion.org


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One Response to “Karaoke”

  1. ellagabriel97 Says:

    Great to read about someone who really has their priorities straight: helping people is the most important thing! ישר כוח

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