Of Birthdays and Gifts

Of Birthdays and Gifts

An Island of Joy amidst a Sea of Misery
What did you bring me?” the small boy asks his aunt who had come to visit on his birthday. His mother blushes in embarrassment, knowing how inappropriate the question is. Yet, on her own birthday, in the privacy of her thoughts, she can’t help thinking similar thoughts. After all, we’re all human.

But some people are a bit more than just human. Like Yehuda Wifflich . He celebrated his 50th birthday this year- and for the past ten years- by organizing a jeep trip in the North for dozens of children with cancer and their families.
Every year at the end of winter for more than ten years running, Itzik Golan and Yehuda Wifflich have been partnering with Ezer Mizion’s Cancer Support Services by coordinating jeeping trips for cancer patients.
The pair round up a number of friends, who forfeit a day’s work. Together with their four wheel drive vehicles and a tank full of gas and lots of fun and laughter, they give the patients an unforgettable, fun experience in scenic nature.
For those whose daily routine revolves around treatments, doctors and hospitals colored by worry, fear and tension, it was a dream day, a vacation from cancer.
“What do you mean, I didn’t get a birthday present?! Seeing a father lift his tiny toddler up to touch the big tree, hearing the squeals of joy from the kids- and the parents- as the jeep took the rough terrain, listening to them all laugh at my jokes…why that’s the best present I could have received. So what if it wasn’t wrapped in pretty paper with a big bow!”
Thank you to all the jeep drivers who rallied for the cause, and warmest mazel tov wishes to Yehuda on his birthday. May you enjoy many more happy, healthy and fulfilling years!
For new poignant pix on ways Ezer Mizion Cancer Division, The Donald Berman Rehabilitation Center, helps the cancer patient: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60145637@N06/sets/72157633341860603/

For further info: http://www.ezermizion.org


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