Hydrotherapy: Does It Work?


Who Says Only Fish Thrive in the Water?


On a typical busy day, with a myriad of tasks planned, 40 year old Mrs. C. experienced a bad fall. Her shoulder was seriously fractured in three places. She was hospitalized and underwent complex surgery to repair the broken joint and fix it into place.


After a brief period of recovery from the surgery, Mrs. C. began a series of physiotherapy sessions, but the situation only grew worse. It seems that the shoulder injury brought on a condition known as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) which causes swelling, edema, and extreme restriction of movement. In severe cases, it can even culminate in amputation.


Further intervention was sorely needed and Mrs. C. was advised to register at Ezer Mizion’s Hydrotherapy Pool where therapy is performed one-on-one with professionally trained hydrotherapists in accordance with the needs of the individual clients.


Terrified at spending the remainder of her life crippled with disability, Mrs. C arrived for registration with a swollen and edematous upper limb which was not able to be even slightly moved, plus unbearably strong pain. She could not hold anything in her hand, could not feed or dress herself, etc. In order to save the arm’s capacity to function, she was scheduled for therapy sessions 3-4 times a week. In the course of the sessions, therapists worked to reduce the pain and swelling and taught her how to gradually regain use of the arm.


Today, after only four months of exercise, the arm has resumed its full capabilities: Mrs. C. is able to function independently. Her heart rejoices as she sweeps her kitchen floor or reaches for a jar of peanut butter from the high shelf. Her to-do list is as long as it always used to be and her home is running well with her at its helm. As for the pains – they are just a wisp of a memory…


Ezer Mizion’s hydrotherapy swimming pool provides hydrotherapy for children and adults with special needs and offers exercise classes for the elderly and other targetted groups to improve their functioning and quality of life.

Hydrotherapy is a method of using water – hydro (water) therapy – with the objective to improve quality of life and upgrade the capabilities of those who experience difficulty with various types of functioning.

The therapy utilizes the properties of the water (temperature, depth, pressure, currents) and the weight and mobility of the human body in water while floating and swimming, where the water is a therapy facilitator.

The therapy is performed one-on-one with professionally trained hydro-therapists in accordance with the needs of the individual clients.

Children, teenagers, adults and the elderly for improvement of functioning in many varied areas

Orthopedic : Weakness of muscles, limbs, back or leg pain
Neurological : Paralysis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy
Sensory : Hearing impairment, vision problems, tactile (touch) challenges, and motion problems
Motor : Motor skills, difficulty with balance and coordination
Emotional : negative self-image, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence
Behavioral : Poor attention span, problems with communication and social skills
Cognitive function: Learning disabilities, retardation
Diseases : Asthma, lung and heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol
Geriatrics : To enhance use of maximum potential to maintain/increase capacity for day to day functioning, both physical and emotional.



For further info: http://www.ezermizion.org


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