So What If Missiles Are Raining Down

“It’s payback time. Not even a shower of missiles will stop me from keeping my promise,” says Yehudis Bedolach. Four years ago, Yehudis gave birth to twins boys. One son was born with a problem. It was serious and only open heart surgery would help. And so the tiny, six-month-old underwent the difficult procedure. While the baby’s heart was being worked on, the heart of his mother ‘was in her mouth’, terrified that the little one would not make it. But he did. At that moment, Yehudis promised herself that she would help another to live at the first occasion that presented itself. She registered with Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Registry hoping to be a genetic match for someone whose sole chance of survival would be a transplant. Four years later, the call came in. A twelve year old boy needs a transplant to live. And he needs it now. Yehudis was thrilled at the opportunity to help another child to live. What she did not know was that the transplant would be scheduled for November 20th, right in the thick of Operation Pillar of Defense. Perhaps a lesser person would have rescheduled but not Yehudis. “Another child’s life is in danger. It has to be done now,” Yehudis replied with no hesitation. She left the safety of her home for the six hour procedure. Now Yehudis prays that her efforts not be in vain and the transplant will take. She looks forward to the time when she will legally be permitted to meet the patient. “I’ll have a lot of adventures to share with him,” she says.

Ezer Mizion is the largest Jewish registry in the world and has saved over a thousand lives, 200 in 2012 alone. Even the largest registry is not large enough. Ezer Mizion’s goal is to grow from its current over 600,000 potential donors to 1,000,000 so that, statistically, virtually each request can be met before it’s too late.

Share the joy of a small child battling cancer as he…

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