And A Bat Mitzvah Means…

The junior jungle gym leaguers are experts at making that flying leap from one bar to another but Danielle Starkman of Toronto topped them all by executing a figurative leap from Toronto to Israel. Danielle has recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. In keeping with what she had been taught at her home and school, Danielle understood that becoming Bat Mitzvah entailed responsibility. Danielle took her new responsibilities seriously and decided that in honor of her entry to adulthood, she would undertake the purchase of a new jungle gym for Ezer Mizion’s cancer patient guest home that serves as home each year for hundreds of children in Israel who are undergoing cancer therapy. The home is a happy place where children and their families live during the week. The mornings are reserved for chemo at the hospitals but the afternoons at the home become a cheerful escape from the nightmare of a monster named Cancer. At Ezer Mizion, the children and their siblings are taught to deal with their fears by professional and loving therapists who use the world of play to create a comfortable and delightful environment. Sand, musical instruments, storybooks, even a petting zoo all join together to help these children who have been forced to learn what no child should ever know.

An additional jungle gym was needed but funding was not available… until Danielle heard of the need. Her heart melted at the plight of those children. Not long past the jungle gym stage herself, she could well understand its joys. And so Danielle decided to make it happen. Danielle’s ear and her phone became inseparable as she made call after call to solicit sponsorships. And who could refuse her…a young girl asking only for help for another. The donations mounted and Ezer Mizion now has a new, colorful, multi-dimensional jungle gym, courtesy of a newly-emerged adult who understood what it means to be a responsible Jew.

View pix of a day at Ezer Mizion’s Oranit, Guest Home for Children with Cancer and Their Families:

For further info:


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