A Turkey, A Q-tip and A Tee

What do a turkey, a Q-tip and a tee have in common? Lets ask Simeon Chiger, Mark Hasleton and Herman Weiss. These three ‘see something/do something’ people are in the thick of their  plans for Ezer Mizion’s  3rd Annual “Turkey Shoot” Golf Classic and Spa Day at Caesarea Golf Club in Israel. Why?   For two reasons: One- they love golf and Two- they care about people. Sick people. People who may not be alive next year unless someone does something about their needs this year. People-a lot of them little kids- whose only chance to live is a bone marrow transplant and are waiting for a genetic match to be found that will save their lives.


Ezer Mizion is the largest Jewish bone marrow registry in the world but even the largest is not large enough. When a cancer patient is in need of a transplant, a genetic match  must be available soon. If none is currently on Ezer Mizion’s database of over 600,000 registrants, a drive may be held. New registrants will swab their cheeks with a Q-tip. The cost of the Q-tip is miniscule but the genetic testing that follows is expensive. Sixty-five dollars per test. And so Simeon, Mark and Herman have chosen to combine their two loves and help raise money for more testing. Ezer Mizion’s goal? One Million potential donors.   1,000,000 so that virtually each request can be met with a ‘yes’ before it’s too late.


If you plan to be in Israel over the Thanksgiving weekend, come join them for a day on the green and help save Jewish lives.




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