Stop The World…I Want to Get Off

Stop the World – I Want to Get Off…  
When a person receives the dreaded diagnosis of cancer, his life and the lives of his loved ones instantly turn into a mad race against time: tests, treatments, hospitalization, more tests, and the tense wait for results. Ezer Mizion recognizes the crucial need for a break from the grueling medical routine, both for the patient and his supportive relatives. The hiatus is not a luxury but a medical necessity that enables them to recharge their batteries and resume the battle with fresh, renewed energy.

Last month, Ezer Mizion’s Cancer Support Division held two separate retreats, one for men, in Nir Etzion, and another for women, in the Lavie Hotel. Fifty men participated in the first retreat, among them fathers and husbands of cancer patients, as well as fathers who themselves have cancer. The group also included seven young men in their early twenties who were diagnosed with cancer, one of whom was engaged to be married and discovered he was ill shortly after his engagement.

The two-day getaway was replete with non-stop, exciting activities. By day, the men were taken on challenging hikes, ATV rides and a paintball session. In the evening, they enjoyed a performance by well-known singers and a kumsitz sing-along.

A highlight of the retreat was the opportunity to spend time with Chananya Chollak, Ezer Mizion’s International Chairman. In addition to his warm, inspiring talks to the entire group, Rabbi Chollak was available to listen to each one and provide him with just the encouragement he needed to hear.

The women’s retreat followed the same pattern – scenic trips in the daytime, entertainment and pre-Purim costume-making workshops in the evening. The participants especially enjoyed a dance program as well as a hilarious stand-up routine.

“At first I didn’t want to come,” related one of the women. “The illness is so consuming and the needs of my household demand the little spare time and strength that remains. But the people at Ezer Mizion convinced me that it is a must – and they were right. I feel like a new person. I can’t thank them enough!”

At Ezer Mizion those battling cancer receive much support not only on the occasional retreat but also on a daily basis. Join a group of kids and teens at Ezer Mizion as they engage in fun, fun, fun just hours after the nightmare at the treatment clinic.

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