College Students Pass Test


College Students Pass Test with Flying Colors

The students at Ariel University and Alumnah College recently passed their test with flying colors. Actually only one color—white. It all started with Ofir Engelsman who had an idea. Living in his own world of university life, he sought to project his thoughts outside of that world and to strive to understand a population that is not his own. In so doing, Ofir and his cohorts passed the test of maturity and brought joy to so many.    “Granted, we’re super-busy with reports, exams and all that,” he said to his fellow students. “But we’re young and full of energy. Passover is coming. There are probably a lot of elderly and handicapped people out there who would love to see their homes sparking white for the holiday but don’t have the ability to do it…” His  enthusiasm was contagious and he soon had a large group of volunteers with paint brushes in hand ready to clean and paint the homes of the elderly and handicapped in Petach Tikva. 

The next step was to contact Ezer Mizion, an organization which helps the elderly all year around. Ezer Mizion’s programs serve a myriad of needs of the senior citizen. Perhaps a light bulb needs changing in his home and the fixture appears as high as the moon to the frail golden-ager. Perhaps he has recently been released from the hospital and has no close relatives to help him out with his daily needs. Or maybe he’s lonely and becoming a fixture at his window, watching life go by, never engaged in any social activities of his own. Or doctor visits—he’s not feeling well but has no way of traveling to the doctor. Or meals—bread and yogurt are fine for breakfast but how about a nutritious hot meal consisting of a protein and vegetables—all that good stuff— once a day?  Exercise? Intellectual stimulation? Basic screenings? Emotional support? Ezer Mizion is there for the senior citizen, providing for all his requirements, with expertise and professionalism, with love and caring, with respect and dignity.

And so Ofir turned to Ezer Mizion to coordinate the Passover Painting Project.  All the necessary equipment for the project – quality paint and brushes – was generously donated by the Amrusi store in Petach Tikvah

The volunteers worked industriously cleaning and painting a number of homes.  The pleasure and emotional satisfaction derived by the many hard-working volunteers was indescribable.

Moshe Israeli, director of Ezer Mizion’s Petach Tivkah branch: “I want to thank the students who rallied to this important cause. We were very impressed by the success of this impromptu project and deeply moved by the pleasure it brought to the recipient families. Next year, we look forward to expanding the project and bringing the sparkle of joy to even more seniors.”

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