Stoop To The Heights

No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help another (Abraham Lincoln). US Marines-tough, controlled, dignified- never stood so tall as when a group, stationed in Tel Aviv stooped to bring smiles to suffering children in Israel.  Recently, Ezer Mizion received a huge delivery of games and toys donated by the US Marine Security Guard Detachment stationed in Tel Aviv, for distribution to hospitalized children.  Ezer Mizion volunteers, who regularly patrol the halls of Israel’s major hospitals, gave out the toys and games on behalf of the Marines, imbuing the very air of the wards with cheer and fun.

Ezer Mizion volunteers are experts in the creation of smiles. Whether it’s Chanukah or Purim or just plain any old day, these volunteers patrol the hospitals, searching for faces who haven’t smiled in days. Sometimes it’s a most welcome meal for a daughter keeping vigil at the bedside of a seriously ill mother, sometimes it’s a shoulder to cry on for a parent whose child has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Sometimes its practical assistance-someone to care for the kids at home-and sometimes its advice on means of obtaining needed services. Sometimes this and sometimes that but always warmth, caring and compassion-the badge of an Ezer Mizion volunteer.

Meanwhile back at the base, our Marines stand at attention and salute their superiors, tough as a sabra on the outside but with hearts soft with gentleness and kindness, smiling at the joy they have wrought. US Marine Security Guard Detachment—Ezer Mizion salutes you!

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