Like A Boat in the Storm

Like A Boat in the Storm

A Memento of Udi
This dramatic scene was painted by Udi, an 11 year old boy who suffered from an incurable case of cancer. When asked to explain what the painting depicts, he said, “I feel like a boat in a storm. I keep trying to release myself from the strong grip of the waves but they just keep pulling me under.”
Udi went through physical agony and emotional turmoil- more, by far, than most children his age never dream of. Ezer Mizion was there for him, from the painful beginning until the tragic end. Ezer Mizion supported him and his family in the most difficult, stormy moments, and helped them brave the crashing waves, until the struggle ended and Udi finally came to peaceful shores.
When Udi finished this painting about a half year ago, Ezer Mizion staff suggested sending it to his home. He replied, “No, I am dying. I want it remain as a gift for Ezer Mizion.”
A few days later, Udi passed away. We feel that there could be no better gift of appreciation to all of the friends Ezer Mizion than this memento of a courageous child, who survived his most difficult moments with the help of Ezer Mizion – help made possible by caring people like all of you.

The anguish and devastation experienced by a family whose child is diagnosed with cancer is only surpassed by their loneliness and helplessness. Being invited to live at Ezer Mizion’s guest home for the duration of the treatment not only relieves the exhaustion of frequent traveling to distant treatment centers but also opens up vistas in relating to other families undergoing the same nightmare.

In addition, it offers professional therapy to enable the family to cope with the horror of facing a life-threatening situation. Therapy is available both to residents of the home and those living in their own homes. Caring experts make use of music therapy, sand therapy, art therapy and animal therapy to alleviate the fears of the child and his siblings. Professional guidance is available to all members of the family.

A specialized pre-school during the treatment period continues the development of the pre-schooler and eases his post-treatment transition into the “normal” world. Meals for the family, transportation, medical equipment are supplied as needed. The Medical Referral division provides advice and Ezer Mizion’s International Jewish Bone Marrow Registry facilitates bone marrow transplants for patients around the globe whose sole chance of survival depends on this life-saving procedure.

For many, there is a happy ending. The nightmare ends and its wisps disappear into the deep recesses of the family memories. Ezer Mizion remains at their side as they adjust to ‘life after cancer’ under the professional guidance of its New Beginnings Cancer Survivors Clinic..


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