While hospitals provide chemotherapy to heal the body, Ezer Mizion provides dreamo-therapy to heal the soul.

A small child is forced to spend months under treatment away from the comfort of classroom routine, frightened by scary machines, ill from the effects of the treatment. Day after day after day.  The nightmare ends for the day and he is free for the moment, free to dream. He dreams of being a policeman when he grows up. He shares the dream with an Ezer Mizion staff member and the wheels begin to turn. The police force is contacted. Arrangements are made. And the boy is brought amid pomp and ceremony to be given a real, small-sized policeman uniform and ‘be’ a policeman for the day. He’ll ride a policeman’s horse, be allowed to ride a police car and work the siren, search for bad guys with a police dog. A dream day.

A teen dreams of getting away. Getting away from the humiliation of being different. “I just want to do something normal, something fun.” A trip is arranged for her family, together with other families whose members are afflicted with cancer. A day to get away. A day to be normal. A snow day atMt.Herman.   Snowballs and sledding. Laughter and joy. A dream day.

A young mother lives in constant fear and tension. Nausea. Pain. And terror at leaving her little ones as orphans. The pressure is ever-present. Every fiber of her being calls out for a break, time to get away. A day of pampering is arranged for a group of mothers at a luxurious hotel. Entertainment. Spa. Crafts. A dream day.     

It has long been known that a healthy spirit is the best partner for the body recovering from illness. As one of the many ways that Ezer Mizion provides support for cancer patients and their families, Rx Fun Days are frequently organized under the professional supervision of Ezer Mizion’s dedicated staff. The patients and their families come home from these trips rejuvenated in spirit and better able to fight the horrific nightmare that has taken over their lives.

Recently twelve jeeps driven by caring volunteer drivers took 15 children with cancer together with accompanying family members on a fabulous jeeping trip to the spectacularDishonRiverin scenicNorthern Israel.

The children, who are forced to spend long periods of time in the hospital for cancer treatments, or at home, to prevent infection due to their compromised immune system, were thrilled to step out into the crisp outdoors, leaving their troubles behind.

The fun bumpy jeep ride took them along trails near waterfalls teeming with sparkling water, breathtaking scenery and nature.

“We will take all this back with us to our next treatment in a week”, said Daniel’s mother as she hugged her little boy. “This is giving us what we need to go on. Thank you so much!”

Special thanks to Ezer Mizion’s supremely devoted volunteers, Itzik Golan and Yehudah Weiflich, for their initiative in coordinating this outing, which joins the long list of exciting trips they have been arranging for the past several years with Ezer Mizion, for children with cancer.

For further info: http://www.ezermizion.org


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