Good News for Diabetics in Israel

In keeping with its motto: Their Challenges…Our Mission, Ezer Mizion offers periodic awareness and support programs for varied segments of Israel’s population including cancer patients, special needs parents and educators, Alzheimer’s caretakers, parents and educators of  autistic children, and diabetics.

 Ezer Mizion, together with Agentek Company, hosted an evening for women with Type 1 diabetes, and for mothers of Type 1 diabetic girls. 50 women from all parts of Israel attended the important event, which took place at Ezer Mizion’s Jacob Fried Building, and included a tasty dairy dinner from Bagel Brunch in Jerusalem.

Agentek is the foremost company marketing sophisticated insulin pumps and sensors for ongoing sugar readings.  The major push for the gathering was an innovation in the 2011 insurance “Health Basket,” which will now include these sensors as part of the government health package for a wide diabetic clientele. Inclusion of these devices will contribute much towards attaining a proper sugar balance for diabetics. The evening presented an opportunity to provide the women with critical information about these progressive technological options.

The evening was opened by greetings from Rabbi Chananya Chollak, International Chairman of Ezer Mizion. Following Rabbi Chollak’s warm words, the audience was addressed by Agentek company dietician Ms. Keren Karmel, who spoke about carbohydrate counts and the importance of using the “Smart Bolus.” After her speech, Ms. Karmel answered questions from the audience on the subject of nutrition and diabetes.

A major part of the evening was devoted to introducing the audience to the hi-tech equipment that has now become government funded for diabetics in the 2011 Health Basket. Ms. Ariella Gal, marketing manager at Agentek, discussed the advantages of the “Paradigm Veo” insulin pump – a state-of-the-art device that is the only pump in the world that integrates the use of a sensor for ongoing sugar level readings.

The Paradigm Veo is also the only pump that boasts an LGS function that automatically stops the insulin drip in the case of a dangerous plunge in sugar levels. In this way, the pump helps minimize life threatening hypoglycemia incidents, and provides patients and their families with a sense of calm and security throughout the day and night hours.

The Meditronic sensor, marketed by Agentek and used in combination with the insulin pump, is the only one approved for use for infants and children of all ages, providing comprehensive information with a single, easy to use device. The speaker advised consulting the diabetes physician in order to receive further details and recommendations regarding this unique pump.

As Ms. Gal pointed out, the pump is now included in the Health Basket for children until age 18 with Type 1 diabetes, who have experienced two “hypos” requiring hospitalization, as well as for women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy.

Yael Neiman, the head of the Diabetes Division in Ezer Mizion, concluded the evening by pointing out the importance of evenings such as this one to raise awareness in the general community and unite them to serve as a supportive cushion for those coping with diabetes.

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