Annoyance, Frustration, Panic, Relief

I thought I understood before. But it wasn’t until afterwards that I realized that I hadn’t understood more than a drop in a veritable ocean of love and caring. I have been volunteering for five years in Ezer Mizion. I drive patients and their families to the hospital and back. In the course of these trips, I am exposed to countless stories about the marvelous things that Ezer Mizion does. One of these stories had been especially shocking. Read on and you’ll see why.

I’ll never forget that day. I saw the telephone number of Ezer Mizion on the screen. It wasn’t like them to call me at work. They knew that my volunteer hours are in the evening. I ignored the call. “I’ll get back to them later,” I promised myself. But they kept at it – another ring and another. Finally I picked up, very irritated by the interruption.

“Could you come pick someone up from Tel Hashomer Hospital?”

“Is it so urgent?” I asked in an angry, irritated tone.

“I called you for lack of any other alternative. Do me a favor. They will be waiting for you in a half hour at the Emergency Room.”

“I can’t do it. I can’t leave work now, my boss will never allow it.”

“Let me speak to your boss,” the coordinator on the line suggested. I understood that the situation was desperate so. I gave her my boss’s number. If he gave the okay, I would go.

To my surprise, my ordinarily tough boss immediately authorized my trip. “These Ezer Mizion people are angels,” he murmured lost in thought of recalled incidents. In moments, I was on my way to the parking lot. I knew that a family was waiting for me at Tel Hashomer’s emergency entrance. I did not dream for a moment that …

I got to Tel Hashomer, and looked around for the family that needed me so urgently. Instead of a family, I saw Eli, a veteran Ezer Mizion volunteer, coming towards me. If Eli is there, why do they need me? Unless…The family that I was supposed to take care of…could it be…? That’s when it finally clicked.

Slowly and gently, he told me that my wife had been critically injured in a car accident on her way to work. She sustained a serious head injury. From that moment on, until today, Ezer Mizion has been at our side in every possible area.

They arranged for professional medical advocates to check at all times that my wife was getting the best possible care during the long rehabilitation period. They sent volunteers to our home to be with the children. They sent hot meals. There is no way in the world that I can repay them for what they did. For me and my family, Ezer Mizion is a tremendous source of boundless chesed, and we owe them everything!

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