A Special Graduation

Graduation. A new beginning. We all know the traditional phrases but at Ezer Mizion’s Music Room, these phrases took on a new meaning, a special meaning.  The girls at Ezer Mizion’s Beit Chana Activity Clubs for Children with Special Needs presented a unique concert  marking the conclusion of  a year’s music lessons.

The Activity Clubs program features a music room that is used for: group music activity, individual emotional therapy, drumming sessions, choir class and music lessons. The music lessons follow a unique approach adapted for children with developmental challenges, which replaces the regular music notation with colors.

Despite their special needs and challenges, the youngsters performed superbly. Some even managed to play full songs.

The joy of the parents at the accomplishments of the children, whose every moment is clouded with failure, was palpable. And the joy of the children…there faces were not large enough to contain the self-satisfied grin of triumph. We did it!

There is no doubt that this kind of “success experience” build’s the self-confidence in these children and contributes immeasurably toward uplifting their self-esteem.

Believe in me, these children beg the world. You’ll see how high I’ll go.



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