The Little Policeman

Neria is a six year old bundle of mischief with an impish grin. But Neria’s grin seems to be hidden lately in the dark shadows of a nightmare. Neria has cancer. He is currently fighting for his life and receiving treatment at Schneider Pediatric Hospital. Like hundreds of others before him, Neria is living with his parents at Oranit,  Ezer Mizion’s Guest Home for Children with Cancer. While Schneider’s Hospital provides the treatment, Ezer Mizion focuses on emotional therapy for Neria. Under the guidance of professionals, he is encouraged to express his feelings via paint and clay. Story Hour is geared to spotlight his anger, helplessness and frustration and the clinically-safe petting zoo allows him to take responsibility for soft, cuddly animals who ‘need him’. 

Even cuddling a hamster paled in comparison to the joy experienced by Neria on “His Special Day”.    Like so many boys his age, Neria is enamored by the police force. “When I grow up,…” he announces with shining eyes. Ezer Mizion staff listened. Ezer Mizion staff heard. Their own eyes shone with tears wondering if he will grow up. Neria had a wish and Ezer Mizion had a goal: to bring deep joy to this brave, little boy, thereby raising his spirits and helping him fight his battle.

Ezer Mizion’s Oranit staff approached Sergeant Beni Ba’adani from the Petach Tikvah Police precinct with a request. The city’s police commander, Chief Superintendent Alon Aryeh, graciously accepted the challenge and arranged a visit for Neria, accompanied by his excited parents and Ezer Mizion staff.

The visit started in the office of the police station commander who presented Neria with a real policeman’s cap, border police beret and a policeman’s shirt. The blissful Neria sat on the chair of the station commander dreaming his dreams. Neria was then welcomed by the commander of the Civil Guard, Superintendent Hilah Chamu, who presented him with a miniature police car. The police demolition expert allowed Neria to operate the police robot by remote control and all this was topped with a ride through the city in a real police car with its siren wailing.

‘Officer Neria’, policeman for a day, ended his dream with promises to all his new friends to return when he grows up. …and may it be!


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