Ezer Mizion Awarded Coveted Israel Prize

On Israel Independence Day Ezer Mizion was awarded Israel’s highest award, the Israel Prize, for Lifetime Achievement and Exceptional Contribution to the State of Israel and Society.  

Rabbi Chananya Chollak, Founder and International Chairman of the organization, and Dr. Bracha Zisser, Director of Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Donor Registry, accepted the award on behalf of Ezer Mizion.   

The prestigious Israel Prize is awarded annually on Yom Haatzmaut in a state ceremony in Jerusalem, in the presence of the President, the Prime Minister, and other top officials.

Ezer Mizion was chosen to receive the prize this year by the prize committee in recognition of its role as the largest and leading organization in Israel providing para-medical assistance to sick and disabled people.

Ezer Mizion’s staff includes 11,000 trained volunteers in 25 branches throughout Israel.  The organization benefits over half a million people annually, irrespective of their religion, nationality, or gender.  

One of its major enterprises is the International Bone Marrow Donor Registry, which is the largest Jewish registry in the world, with more than 350,000 potential donors listed.

Ezer Mizion’s wide variety of services includes assistance to cancer patients, providing hot meals to family members at the bedsides of loved ones in hospitals, free ambulance transportation for medical treatment to people with limited mobility, lending medical and rehabilitative equipment, assistance and support services to the elderly, treatment for physically and mentally challenged youngsters and adults, and more.

“Ezer Mizion’s contribution to those who are ill, functionally challenged or are in a crisis situation is a model of dedication, compassion, and the volunteering spirit,” noted the judges in selecting Ezer Mizion to receive the 2008 prize.

Members of the audience at the prize ceremony were apparently familiar with Ezer Mizion, and when Rabbi Chollak and Dr. Zisser went up to receive the award, the audience gave them a standing ovation!


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