Jewish Charity Noted as Top 11% of Country for Efficient Use of Public Funds

Jewish Charity Noted As Being Among Top 11% For Efficient Use of Public Funds

Charity Navigator, a charity watchdog, is the largest rating entity in the United States. It analyzes data taken from a charity’s IRS documents to determine the ratio of moneys used for administrative and fundraising expenses versus moneys that are actually filtered into the programs for which the donor is contributing. In these difficult times, when dollars are few and far between, it is doubly important that as much as possible of each charity dollar be used for the designated program. Ezer Mizion’s services include its Bone Marrow Registry which has saved so many lives of Jewish cancer patients around the globe, social services for the mentally challenged, programs for special children, services for the disabled and so much more. The organization is continually aware of the needs of our Jewish brethren and will do its utmost in taking steps to institute a new program to meet the varied requirements of vulnerable segments of Israel’s population. To maintain and increase its manifold programs, Ezer Mizion carefully scrutinizes each expense so that funding will be available to meet the challenges of the ill, the disabled and the elderly.   A congratulatory letter has recently been sent to Ezer Mizion by Charity Navigator informing the organization that, having been awarded 4 Stars (the highest rating) for three consecutive years, it is among the top 11% of charities in the United States.



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