Now It’s Basya’s Turn

Even the elderly have dreams. Basya lives on the third floor of a building that has no elevator. She recalls complaining during the days when she had to bring the groceries up three flights with a toddler trailing behind her and an infant in one arm. What she wouldn’t give to once again have these same problems. Now Basya cannot navigate the stairs at all. Basya is imprisoned in a wheelchair…imprisoned in her home. A trip to the local grocery is as likely as a trip to the moon. Basya is one of those people who watches the world through her window, knowing that she is no longer a part of the comings and goings of her neighbors. Basya has accepted her fate but there, in the far recesses of a heart that still wants, flutters a dream. The infant she held in her arms is grown now. Aviva lives in her own home and the daughter who once spent hours in the loving arms of her nurturing mother has not laid eyes on her anxious parent in a very long period. No, Aviva is not heartless. Aviva has cancer. Parent and child, each in their own corner, each concerned and worried about the other, eager to connect and share. Each helpless. Each captive to physical limitations.

Enter Ezer Mizion. Ezer Mizion’s Ambulance Division is a fleet of ambulances equipped with the needs of the mobility impaired and the oxygen dependent . The disabled and the elderly are transported daily to needed medical appointments, dialysis treatments, or therapy. The drivers think nothing of transporting a wheelchair-bound patient up and down several flights of stairs and they do it lovingly and with dignity day after day.

The Ambulance Division offers an additional program to fulfill not only the physical needs of these patients but also their dreams. How many of these people ever believed that they would once again be able to simply enjoy a stroll or visit a friend. A limited number of slots are available as the wishes of these vulnerable octogenarians pour into Ezer Mizion’s office.

It was Basya’s turn. It was a beautiful day and Basya enjoyed the deep blue sky that she hadn’t seen in so long. The day included a festive breakfast at Greg’s, a local restaurant, mother and daughter basking in each other’s presence. The driver, who transported Basya both at the beginning and at the end of the day, testified that she was not the same person as she had been in the morning. He is certain that the memories of this glorious day will remain with her for months to come.

For further info: 718 853 8400


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